Offering international executive search services at board and leadership level

Areté have partnered with Cleeve Executive Search to offer our range of search services.

Cleeve have a network of unrivalled C-Level contacts who can instinctively diagnose business challenges and who have the ability to make pioneering contributions for maximum impact, as well as providing the leadership both to deliver the solution. In addition, these specialist leaders leave a positive legacy of an up-skilled, engaged and revitalised team.

Getting the most from your existing talent.

Often organisations seek external talent because their own employees are not yet ready for the opportunity. Our proposition at Areté/Cleeve is to work with internal candidates to swiftly and successfully prepare them for the selection process and the rigours of the role.  

While an external search is being conducted, if requested this talent development process can be managed internally using the expertise within our Areté Lab. This service is provided as part of our Search solution, at no extra cost to our client.

Our aim is to prioritise your internal talent.

This solution provides an internal candidate with the very best chance of securing the role, and then fulfilling their future potential once successful. Using the unique combination of Science and Leadership Development offered within the Areté Lab, we can unlock the capability of internal talent and as a result of this, positively impact employee engagement, attrition and client culture.

It’s worth noting that even if an internal candidate who has experienced the Lab intervention is unsuccessful, the client still benefits from the process as the candidate takes their learning from the Lab back into the business. Crucially, as is often the case with internal candidates in a search situation, rather than feeling like an afterthought or an outsider in the process (regardless if they secured the role or not) they feel recognised, prioritised and invested in.

Why us?

Innovative solutions
We are renowned for our innovative talent acquisition solutions. We pride ourselves on our speed and agility throughout the delivery of a project and our dedication to customer service is of the highest level. All our processes are underpinned by data and rigour, demonstrating expertise and best practice.

Market understanding
In every search, diversity in our market mapping translates to ‘diversity of thought’ on our shortlists and in our placements. Only the very best candidates are presented for a role, however defining ‘best’ comes from a true understanding of the market and the competitor landscape, coupled with our client’s strategy, culture and vision.

Results focused
Through partnership and challenge we help clients redefine what talent must look like for the future, and search becomes a proactive solution that underpins this decision making, rather than a reaction to an empty seat.

Looking internally
Most importantly, we believe that search should be considered a final option when it comes to talent replacement.


We work with clients to consider other solutions (and particularly, fast-tracking and developing internal candidates who have potential through our Areté Lab) before a search commences.


 “I found the recruitment process truly inspiring. It has given me the confidence to continue developing my skills for an ExCO role in the future”

 Emma, internal candidate, recent Executive Committee level search

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