Charlotte Elsworth-Edelsten

Director: Science, Sleep & Movement, Areté Lab

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Charlotte is Director of Science and Lead Consultant for Sleep & Human Movement in the Areté Lab.

Charlotte has been involved in designing both the content and the journey the client will take to optimise their sleep (quantity and quality), supplemented by the perfect balance of nutrition, movement and exercise to support optimal cognitive performance at work.


Having completed her PHD in movement analysis and physical activity participation in neurological populations, Charlotte spent many years applying her expertise in Human Movement Science both clinically, in neurological populations and, more commercially as a consultant to athletes of all levels internationally.


She then moved to a position at Geneva University Hospital in Switzerland as a specialist working between their sleep laboratory and the laboratory of kinesiology, where her interest in sleep developed. More recently she was awarded a personal grant by the Swiss National Science Foundation to run a study looking at the relationship between sleep disordered breathing, gait and cognitive motor interference.


As a qualified Somnologist, Charlotte now provides sleep and movement consultancy to a wide range of clients including large corporate groups, private individual clients and athletes looking to improve their performance. Her renowned expertise brings a unique slant to the science offered by the team at Areté and provides clients with an insight into the critical link between optimal physical and optimal cognitive performance.

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